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new news!!

Tue April 20 2010

yep, things have been pretty quiet around here {meaning this blog space, not particularly this living room space… i have two kids and a dog, you know, so “quiet” doesn’t really apply} lately…  but the news!  oh, the news!

if you want to find me on twitter, you will have to look for @2girlsandpoodle now.  that’s me. follow me!

also, please, please come and look for me over at {which is an AWESOME digital scrapbooking/photoshoppy skills/photography site} because i’m so excited to share that i’ve JUST been invited to be on the Creative Team there!  this is huge – not only because it’s an awesome place for creative digital scrapbooking inspiration, products, skills and support, and not only because i began learning how to do anything from jessica’s ‘photoshop fridays’, but also because she put out a call for submissions to be part of the team and the result was wild – pages and pages of crazy talent applied, and i {me. me! seriously – me!} was one of the lucky lucky selected. over the moon, i am.

watch this space for all the delicious scrappy fun i will soon be having and sharing with you! also tweeted and facebooked {although, to maintain a semblance of privacy, i only friend actual real friends i know, you know, face to face. but i know i’d like you if we met in real life, i’m sure of it! you’re that kind of awesome person}, and over at — can’t wait!!! {how many exclamation marks are actually acceptable?}

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  1. Mom permalink
    Wed April 21 2010 11:57 am

    Yay you!

  2. Fri April 23 2010 12:41 am

    hi joanne, just passing by to say (again) congratulations and welcome to the team! looking forward to working with you! see you on the spraground! 🙂 – liv

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