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there are plans afoot…

Wed March 24 2010

… much to the horror of clutter- and spree-phobic big daddy (although, face it, we’re well known for good idea sprees around here)!  but if today’s victorious haul at the a) thrift store and b) beach is any indication, we’re sailing towards fantastic output for minimal investment.

i had a mental list for my thrift store jaunt, that i promptly forgot once we got in there, since that’s the really convenient way my brain works. it included poking around for such things as…. mirrors, good frames, windows, mason jars, paper,  and my stand by list that includes embroidery hoops, loaf pans, and really fortuitous finds of know-it-when-i-see-it items (such as the careers board game now living in my closet. shhhh)…

i had five dollars in a sorry assortment of change in my pocket.

i spent all of $2.11.

this is what i got {claps hands with glee}:

that’s {COUNT’EM!} six- 6 -six embroidery hoops for FIFTY CENTS.  what, you ask, on earth, do i need six {COUNT’EM!} embroidery hoops for? not sure, but have been a big fan of this idea for a while, and know just the pink wall where such a collection might hang…  i am happy to have both wooden ones and metal ones, since now i can add to either collection, and think of other great things to do with them. we can go handmade and country, or sleek and industrial.  i love options.

do you remember these things!!?  love.  even if i can never find the tapes for this particular vintage model, it only cost me a quarter, folks, a quarter.  just in case, you know. gotta have it.

oh my oh my oh my!!!  it was magical ledger paper day at the thrift store!  you have no idea how exciting this is.  from zero to WELL STOCKED UP!! for a measly one dolla. possibilities are now journal-tastically endless. PLUS  you can see that the one selection of ledger paper comes in a fantastically retro “LEDGER” binder that will perform beautifully in it’s now glorious future as a scrapbook album. detail below:

another quarter got me another album – outside not so thrilling, but the inside binder mechanism was too good to leave behind, so the outside can easily be spruced up and turned into an album, or junk binder type dealie.  so looking forward to playing with this finally!

next up on the blog:

this isn’t the first time you’ve shown us a bunch of weird things you bought at the thrift store, you know.  what do you DO with all this… stuff?? {and no, i don’t belong on “Hoarders” thanks anyway}

plus: beach haul good ideas

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  1. Thu March 25 2010 4:16 am

    That is an AMAZING haul! I can’t believe you found ledger paper at the thrift store, never mind the DYMO maker. Ahhh-mazing!

  2. Mom permalink
    Thu March 25 2010 7:00 am

    Love the embroidery hoop idea.

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