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Mon March 01 2010

by the way, Bug once said to me, disdainfully, “you think everything is awesome” . point taken – overused word. but it’s so often just the best word! {and, happy to see me for a moment through her eyes – if i think everything is awesome, i can’t be too bad, can i?}

but anyhoo, i love this ad for BC that ran all the time during the olympics – and i was only looking to find it to link to, but the AWESOME people behind the commercial went so far as to LIST out all the places IN the ad in BC.  How AWESOME is that??!  And while it’s pretty durn cool for anyone planning a vacation or looky-looing in on this part of the country from their chesterfield, i am in fits of awesomeness as i piece together more of the puzzle of this new place i live.  AND pretty cool that about 10 spots in the ad are HERE on this Island where i live.  it blows my mind daily to see the scenery around here, i can’t even tell you.

click HERE to see the Hello BC page that lists all the places in the ad in their order of appearance and the time they appear, and you can watch AS you read the list. see, AWESOME.

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