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Mon February 15 2010

i thought i’d keep track of what i sign out of the library – since sometimes those mini collections can be kind of wildly composed and worth a snicker or two. and since i don’t alway read all of what i sign out, i often forget where it was that i read/saw/noticed something-or-something-else.  it’s handy for memories like mine to make lists…

and although you might think it would stand to reason that what i READ would be what i SIGN OUT of the library, that’s just not the case — so, also to amuse and embarrass myself, i thought i’d also log the books i read in 2010.  and although, as a former-mostly-english-major, i would probably want this list to be lengthy and impressive, i foretell this list to actual show quite a dismal pursuit of literature and time management.  but, still, fun. adding to this problem is the dilemma of whether or not to add books that i partially read, or only consider cover-to-cover reads as “read”.  i don’t read all books cover to cover.  most novels, i do (although am prone to stopping somewhere and reading something else), but other books, especially the LIBRARY SIGN OUTS!! i don’t read every little single bitty word of.  i skim, scan, pick, choose.  so… what to include in my most amazing lists? not sure yet.

today i began with what is sitting beside me, and have likely forgotten what i just returned at the library in weeks past, there were others already.

** oh hello — editing this post to add that these useful and scientific logs can be found HERE ON THIS BLOG – on the sidebar to the right.  scroll down to the bottom. i forgot to mention that rather pertinent point. aha.

** and further still – i see that the text widgets on the sidebar prefer to cram everything into one continuous line and do not respect what we have come to expect “ENTER” to do whilst typing.  i will try to fix that so it’s… you know… readable. useful. not gobbledeegok. not making your day harder in any way.

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  1. Tue February 23 2010 4:51 pm

    there’s a book called bittergirl? we should have trademarked that in 1991

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