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innovating style case in point

Wed February 10 2010

still with the brain type book: the quiz to determine your style is 50 questions long. oh happy day!  i loves this sort of thing.  question #11 springs to mind at the moment:

11. When you go to the library, the books you usually borrow are:

a. How-to books on a specific topic, and only what you need at that given time.   b. Nurturing for the soul, romantic novels, or any type of self-help book that makes you and the world feel better.  c. The first things you see that appeal to your need for variety. After a couple of hours, you walk away with as many books as you can carry. d. Brief, to the point, written by experts in the field. Cliff Notes are sometimes ideal!

so, what’s your best response? it literally, just a few minutes ago, occurred to me that maybe not everyone goes to the library the same way.  i don’t know.   Answer c. is my best fit – although i have to quibble with the “first things” and “hours” as neither would be true in my case (although i suppose i could spend hours, i don’t).  Although it was my eight-year old asking me ‘can we go now?’ today….

Anyway.  I frequently use the online databases for my libraries and look for something in particular to see if my branch has it, or if it can be requested and delivered and held for me at that branch.  However, that’s the beginning and end of my use of the catalogue, really.  My preferred style is to troll the shelves and see what jumps out at me today. I would do this too when I was teaching and needed picture books – I just walk the shelves.  I may get the particular book I started looking for, and an armload of other things I just can’t leave there.  And then, they have to stay at home in stacks and piles on end tables so that I can continue to think about them!  Thanks, Malcolm Gladwell, I appreciate that validation. Probably the last time I used the catalogue faithfully was in university and needed references and research for essays…  although even then, once in the appropriate section I would wander the titles as well.  Hm.

So, today’s haul looked like this (mind you, this is 3 people picking books – me, and 8 year old, and a 3 year old.  Wait till I tell you how DIFFERENT our library styles are, that’s a hoot).  A little less diverse on my part, only because I didn’t really leave the kids section today.  My picks: Barbie Thumbelina DVD, Pete’s Dragon DVD, Kid’s Embroidery Projects for Kids of All Ages, Who Wants to be a Poodle I don’t, Monet and the Impressionists for Kids Their Loves and Ideas 21 Activities, What Makes Me Me? and a literacy kit – the kids chose First Nations of the Northwest Coast (5), mainly because it has some really cool stuffies in it (way cooler than the mermaid kit we looked at).

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