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Thu February 04 2010

Turkey has her stuffies call her other stuffies “sweetheart” and sometimes uses it with real people.  It’s too cute.

The Bug and I got underway today with our Valentine’s production.  We have decided to MAKE handmade valentine’s for her school chums, rather than invest dollars in scooby doo and barbie perforated cards.  And let me tell you, these are much, much sweeter!  This is not our first homemade valentine’s year, but it’s the first serious enterprise (can you count the year that I forgot to buy valentines and so spent the night before and morning of the day cutting hearts out of leftover scrapbooking cardstock?  sure, why not!).

We found our inspiration here: Purl Bee Valentine’s Pins and Bug voted to blanket stitch them instead, as she learned how to when we made our stuffies-from-tights.  We found our instructions here: futuregirl tutorial: handsew felt using blanket stitch

I think we made a good start, don’t you?!

whoops, pretend you didn't see this mess...

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  1. Nonnie permalink
    Thu February 04 2010 8:17 pm

    LOVE these!!

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