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let them wash

Tue February 02 2010

so now it’s february and i have a long to-do list.  i have recognized the need to prioritize my lists, but haven’t effectively done so.  everything seems important. (well, i get that food to eat is probably at the top of the list, but the shopping part to get it is what makes it fall down, down the list, at least in terms of interest in doing so.) so, i’m just going to list out some of the to-dos floating around in my head, just to get them out. don’t feel obliged to keep reading, this is pretty dull stuff. and, it’s in no particular order!

groceries pinking shears felt library dog food straight pins floral wire 365 photos dog ears dog clip sweep floor birthday party gift haircut sort mail laundry pin up calendar BCCT app closet reorganization hallway hooks forest walk start friday photowalk (or choose day) clean add pictures plan route to the olympics  play rockband do more puzzles get a map print out photos of the places we’ve been and add to map decide how to store such a map shadowboxes spraypaint picture frame and frame something else in it make new blog header pin up pictures get off auto remember the other things i forgot to put on this list get a job and go to work so i can take my master’s call vet find dentist find optometrist find daisy renew insurance pay OCT

okay part to-do list, part shopping list, part wish-list, part of the crush of things that flows through my head in any given moment.  i don’t have a linear trains of thought, as such, they sort of move as a swell, if swells can be made up of individual particles that move at the same time and are essentially unrelated. i either have to fish one out or some jump a little further out than the others or i just let them wash. this is the root of my theory that things become apparent.

coffee’s cold, list is made (haha!  actually must go make more functional and immediate type of list), apposauce snack almost done – commence day.

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  1. Mom permalink
    Tue February 02 2010 7:59 pm

    I have some experience in this area so if I could suggest a couple of things to add to your to-do list? a)delegate b)share the load
    It will practically cut your list in half and who wouldn’t want to do that?
    I’m just saying.

  2. BigDaddy permalink
    Tue February 02 2010 8:07 pm

    Great idea Mom! I’d like to have someone share some of my list too.

  3. Mom permalink
    Wed February 03 2010 1:05 pm

    Yes, sorry, you two. Just ignore me, I’m burbling.

  4. oddlybuoyant permalink*
    Thu February 04 2010 11:39 pm

    it wasn’t a “i have too much to do” list – we know about delegating and sharing and our system works for us, it’s not about that – it was just what my brain needed at the moment. i find i keep thinking and thinking the same things over and over, until i write them down, and then my brain relaxes and doesn’t feel the need to obsessively think it all again and again, which is a nice relief, because these things get thunk in a crushing wave like this, so when there’s lots to keep track of, and i keep having even more “good ideas,” it gets fatiguing. and looking closely, you can see i have made up half of the list, hardly imperative stuff. i wasn’t really posting about about the stuff, i was posting about the way my brain works (clearly convoluted, since i have to re-explain tons of stuff!). and, once i put something interesting like “shadowboxes” on an actual list, i can stop obsessing over it.

  5. Mom permalink
    Sat February 06 2010 11:55 am

    I understand. That system works greatly for me too especially during a major project like moving, or planning, or reorganizing. Without a list, things just tumble around and around in my head like clothes in a dryer. Much better to write them down. Dad calls Donna ‘Clipboard’ because she’s famous for making lists.

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