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Wed January 27 2010

so, santa brought both me and big daddy some new travel coffee mugs, and, he brought us ‘this is not a paper cup‘ cups.  coveted, very cool, not plastic, resuable, dishwasher safe, yadda yadda.


1. MY lid leaks (in a warm, brown, pouring stream sort of leak, one that runs right down to my wrist and up to my elbow, all over my shirt.  can’t take me places, clearly) – usually ONLY after i refill it.  it doesn’t seem to leak for the first cup.  i don’t know if this is exclusive to me and my talent for making inanimate objects misbehave, or if it happens to anyone else too.

2.  after all the enthusiam and excitement to have one, and the 35 minute drives just to make sure i knew where to get them, for santa, of course, as a back up plan, i cannot bear to touch them with my bare hands.  huh.  the inside is a nice smooth polished porcelain, lovely!  the OUTSIDE, where my fingers have to grip this leaky sucker, are a rougher, unpolished, matte sort of bare poreclain and OH.MY.GAWD.I.CANT.STAND.IT.  so…. i don’t use my this is not a paper cup cup.  this is not a this is not a paper cup for me cup. boo.

3. the lovely leaky reusable lid is stinky.

another seemingly unrelated problem: Turkey, who is 3, won’t wear pants.  she agrees to wear skirts.  it’s not popsicle/ freeze your eyelashes cold here so it’s not the world’s BIGGEST deal, but it gets chilly on your bare legs.  she agrees to knee socks.  ONE TIME she happily agreed to wear whole tights with puppies on them.  she got all stocked up on tights and knee socks at christmas.  one pair of tights that travelled cross-country to adorn her legs and keep her above zero, said they were a small size to fit her but were in actuality miles too big.  so  naturally Bug thought they should be for her.  so naturally, Bug put them on and wore them around.  natually, her LEGS fit into the legs, but all the top part was a tad overextended in all directions, and naturally, the new weary traveller tights developed holes along the back stitching.  naturally, i kept them in a bundle on the floor for several weeks, unsure as to what to really do with them.  too new to just throw out, too holey and not the right fit for anybody… what to do, what to do.


ruthlessly took the scissors and CUT THE TIGHTS to make sleeves for my this is not a paper cup that is also not a man made material that i can tolerate without my insides itching. i made several.  i snipped and left the edges just as they happened.  they are not glamerous, but they totally mean i can drink out of my leaky cup, and bonus, the sleeve made of kid tights totally soaks up the leak.  SEE TOP PHOTO. then i made little rounds of tights that i handed off to the zoo, for use as they deem appropriate for their own menagerie of wekbinz, ducks and pet shops.  then i looked at the toes, and saw little pockets.  then i saw little homemade stuffies. so i saved them.

then yesterday they stuffed them and we stitched them closed.  it’s amazing how two sister kids can stuff the toe of a sock in such completely different ways.  we decided to blanket stitch them closed (since i am not precisely a sewing whiz and that seemed easiest).  i did Turkey’s and then showed Bug how to, and got her started… and finished, but she did her middle.

two girls - two styles (naturally) Bug to the left, Turkey to the right

she stitched her own

then today we added some extras, eyes mainly.  buttons.  a stitched mouth (that was attempted and then delegated), and a fish with eyes and a nose, and some things that are either wheels or earrings (not sure) (of course).  Bug  is considering arms and legs for hers, but i notice she’s not considering HOW TO MAKE THEM, but more like how MOM should make them.  hm….


rumour has it this is going to be a butterfly when "we" fashion some wings for it...

but all in all, one pair of growing tights made for some nice solutions.  thanks, nonnie.  hope you don’t mind.  and it’s okay anyway, Turkey won’t wear tights anymore either…

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  1. Nonnie permalink
    Wed January 27 2010 8:53 pm

    Nonnie sure doesn’t mind, I love it. Love to see the creativity, love the homemade stuffies – I know how much devotion there is at your house for stuffies of all kinds. What’s a pair of tights compared to that! And it’s an inspired use of knit fabric to cover the not-a-paper-cup cups – we had some of those and funny, I didn’t like the feel of them either. Plus a yet-to-come feature for you is that the smelly lids that leak will also become discoloured, a not very nice yellowy-beige colour. I see that Herma’s sells replacement lids for those very cups. I’ve thrown ours away though, they also never kept the coffee hot for very long. I liked the idea though, it’s a pity they were such a disappointment. I prefer paper cups!

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