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Tue January 26 2010

vitamin D is becoming part of the daily ritual around here, although only half of us eat it in orange sunshine-flavoured gummy form.  it goes nicely with the cast of characters of the classic flintstones.  bug made me laugh when she wondered why i was choosing the “picky eaters” version… ummmm, let me think!  but anyhow, this little daily dose, which waits for them in their cereal spoon beside their breakfast, makes me think almost daily of my aunt.  when i used to have dinner at her house as a child, i remember an evil, scary round red vitamin sitting like a bad dream on the placemat, up near the top, by the plate…  that was back when swallowing something whole struck fear in my heart and caused my normal swallowing functions to ceast and desist when they were needed most.  that red vitamin was torture.  i don’t think i had to try too many times, but clearly it carved a place in my memory nonetheless.  hand in hand with that memory is also that my aunt used to add wheat germ to everything, and that was very mysterious indeed.

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