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Fri January 08 2010

so, the weather network tells me some days next week will be TEN and TWELVE degrees.  in January.  in Canada.    this is the most amazing Canadian winter, this place is definitely gold.  why we’re not all crammed into this edge of the country, i don’t know!  the mountains look spectacular, off in the distance, with their snow capped peaks, while i walk on the green grass in my Keen sandals.

we’ve been sightseeing with visiting grandparents from Ontario, showing them all that Vancouver Island has to offer – and it’s a pretty good list, if I do say so myself.  The Festival of Lights in Ladysmith is still shining and sparkling, Departure Bay’s breathtaking views, Cathedral Grove’s ancient giant trees, Rathtrevor’s amazing gift of ocean at your toes and mountain views, mountains on the mainland and right beside us on the Island, the Malahat’s ups and downs, the shopping in Nanaimo’s mall, and the little bits of daily life like the 49th Parallel, Bug’s school, Big Daddy’s retail kingdom — all alongside the amazing landscape here. wow.

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