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it wouldn’t be a holiday without…

Wed December 23 2009

my grandma’s cookies.  i can never get the texture to be just like hers (maybe it has something to do with the bacon grease in the recipe??!), but the taste takes me right back to her kitchen, and she’s so vivid in my mind; memories of holidays with all the family there, summers and in-betweens. also, very clear memories of spooning the cookies onto the baking sheets with her, and sliding the hot ones off, onto newspaper spread out on the table.  and then, their bendy, moist texture – these cookies have defined “cookie” for me.    this is also the extent of my holiday baking this year, with little helping hands pouring in the coconut, oats and chocolate chips and mixing it up. who needs anything else when you have grandma’s cookies!  there was “too much” batter to help me spoon drop it onto the cookie sheets, but we have lots of years for that.                                                                                                                                               {no pigs or chickens were harmed in the baking of today’s cookies}

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  1. Mom permalink
    Wed December 23 2009 10:07 pm

    It might have been bacon grease, or it might have been chicken fat. Remember the jokes about the chicken cookies?

  2. oddlybuoyant permalink*
    Thu December 24 2009 12:56 am

    totally! it’s part of the story i tell when i tell the story of these cookies. mmm, chicken fat cookies! (but, it was the bacon grease, positive) i’m sure she could have gotten the girls to eat their vegetables, too. i think of her spooning grapefruit into my mouth every time i eat grapefruit. but i love grapefruit now. and, i prefer my carrots overcooked. and, i mash turnip into my mashed potatoes occasionally too! by the way, have you tried this pastry recipe?

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