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christmas is coming

Tue December 22 2009

hard to believe, especially since we spent part of this december 22 afternoon at the beach, throwing rocks in the water and collecting shells.  in knee socks and sandals.  now THAT’s a change from december in Ontario (or Alberta)!

still more presents to wrap and tuck under this tree. so far the magic-making is going well for Turkey.  she’s so excited for “Santa Claus come my house”.  last year he was “Sanny Caws”, we are growing up.

we have to read and re-read “Max books” each night at bedtime — Max and Ruby’s Bunny Cakes, and Max’s Christmas.  Max doesn’t want to go to sleep, he wants to see Santa Claus, so he sneaks downstairs after Ruby tucks him in and bosses him around, and waits and waits for Santa, who finally comes down the chimney and tells Max not to peek.  Max peaks, and Santa tells him he has to go and Max has to go to sleep and tucks him in on the couch.  Then Ruby comes down to see what was happening and wonders to Max why his blanket is all “humpy and bulgy” — it’s full of presents!  So not only are we excited for all of this to transpire when Santa Claus comes OUR house, but a lot of things around here are also “hunchy and bulgy” suddenly, it’s very sweet.

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