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turns to slush day

Tue December 15 2009

it started raining this morning, when i posted last, and it’s still raining.  a lot. so it’s getting slushy.  a lot slushy. the tire ruts in the snowy streets are like babbling brooks now, white water rafting.

currently: 2:38 pm, 2 degrees celcius, with a “light drizzle” (sure, call it what you like.  i call it “rain”).  it’s still supposed to get up to 6 degrees with a 100% P.O.P this evening, and then to keep on raining!

i’ll just put it out there that perhaps the snow removal expertise here is not as honed as in ontario.  this is the result of about 3 hours of snow removal with various tools (shovel, blower, bobcat plow-ish thing), after hours of rain… ok.

it was prime snowball snowman stuff out there for a bit, before everything began turning to big slushballs. mittens – check.  winterish coat (not rated to -40, but will do) – check.  winter waterproof, thermal boots / snowpants – nope.  left those in ontario.  toque?  refused.  ok.

can you see the rain?

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