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Fri December 11 2009

tall tree

so, the christmas craftiness with the kids is continuing with success and little drama (well, lots of little dramas but overall little drama), other than me throwing yesterday’s garland in the garbage.  moral of that story – do not make a garland with crochet thread with metallic thread running through it.  it tangles onto itself like nothing you have ever seen and makes grown women cry (or, throw it in the garbage in an act of self-preservation).  the photo taking and journal documentation for posterity is entirely more sporadic, as evidenced here. but, we are making things! some of them glitter, which is a very good thing, and all of them are festive and in the spirit of the holiday, which i like.

Bug'sTurkey'sguess who made which one?

tissue and twine garland

songbird ornament

paperback trees {thank you, sidney sheldon, i wouldn't know what else to do with your book}

soft tree - there is a flickr group of these trees. i will post the links to these crafts in another post

tree and bird



guess who made which tree?

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