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Fri November 27 2009

i might forget these little stories if i don’t write them down, so i will save them here for now.

Turkey’s been adopting people all over town the last few days.

Yesterday and today we have laundromat adventures, since our washer is broken. Turkey made fast friends with two nice ladies at the “washer store”, bonding over a broken bicycle reflector.  Together they imagined lots of other things it could be, such as a necklace, if we added some tape and a string, or a red nose like rudolph, or a very handy thing to play hide the object.  Such fun was never had at the washer store.  I know she helped make their day shine a little more, it was plain. She won them over completely with her laugh.  {Another day, shopping at the mall, the salesperson at the Gap commented on how she has such an infectious laugh.  I agree, but was not laughing with her at the time, as she was hiding from me around and through the hangers and displays of clothes. Ha ha.} When we went back to the “washer store” today, also known as the “laundry store,” Turkey was talking about seeing her girl again, her friend.  I guess it was not repeat-laundry day again for her. We don’t forget such things easily, though, so I suppose we will have lots of talks about the washer/laundry store and her girl there.

Her nice girl did pass along a little tidbit.  She noticed Turkey’s sort of wild hair, it swirls on either side of the crown of her head, in nice little patches that sometimes resemble bald spots, depending on her busy business that day.  The washer store friend noticed and comments that she’s got double cowlicks back there. {I did not recognize them as cowlicks, doh.} AND apparently, so the washer store friend say, double cowlicks mean that you will someday live in a country other than your birth country. !!  Who knew.  We will have to keep tabs on that prediction.

A couple days ago, Turkey and I were in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and Turkey was taking off her rain jacket {which she takes off as soon as we get inside anywhere lately – we unzip that thing and toss it at me in a hurry in the grocery store, the thrift store, the mall, the school, you name it. we are inside, we are d.o.n.e. with that jacket business} AND taking off her boots, which apparently we also do not need to wear in public places.  Then she la-la-la skips away from me, despite the “you need to sit here beside mom” little talk.  And where does she skip to?  She spies an unoccupied chair between an elderly senior couple and a senior man.  She hops right up there and strikes up a conversation.  “Hi.”  They were lovely to her, as everyone in town does seem to be, and asking her all sorts of grandparenty, talky questions.  What’s you name?  How old are you? Those are nice socks, what colours do you have on your socks?  She jabbers away with them, and at one point does acknowledge me across the room – pointy finger, “That’s my mom.”  I manage to steal her away when it’s out time to go in, and as soon as we return to the waiting room after our appoinment, she beelines back over to that same empty chair, hair skedaddling out behind her as she skippyhops on over.  She jumps back up on that chair, turns to the man beside her and happily, like an inside joke, declares, “Boo!”.  I think that particular senior man was a little bewildered, since I am sure that even though he was also sitting with his wife, and also occupying the same chairs as Turkey’s new friends, and her same chair was empty, and the one on the other side was also filled, it was NOT the same person she chatted up 25 minutes before.  I thank the world for people’s tolerances and amusement of exuberant three-year olds. So, I hurried her up to put back on the rain coat and boots and scurried her out the door, laughing in my insides at her zest and her new friend’s befuddlement.

So, pay the joy forward and declare “Boo!” at someone you DON’T know today, okay?

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