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{not even funny}

Fri November 20 2009

there was a lull in the rain today.  there was a pocket of blue sky and whispy white cloud.  there was sunshine on the tree tops.  there was an immediate morning plan to hop in the shower quickly and dash outside with a small companion to catch the vitamin D deposits.  by the time i had the hair dryer out, the sunhiney day was over.  you have to be quick around here, it seems.  now, it’s raining again.  and dark.  go figure.

first the weather news was about “system after sytem” raining on our heads, and in the last few days it’s been called a pineapple express that’s making everything drip and swim. read it here on CTV News.  Here’s another article about the climate out here and those who live here, from the Times Colonist.  Apparently I should not be using an umbrella.  I can’t help it, my 11 year old Gore-Tex is leaky.

and the forecast? Hmm.  Looks like more rain

{which is NOT snow, and NOT below zero temperatures!}

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