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it’s almost december, did you know?

Tue November 17 2009

so, in my dabblings in the digital scrapbooking world, i’ve come across some websites, blogs and people that are fun and inspiring in their field, as well as inspiring, good reads in their own right as people.  one of these offers online classes, and sometimes some classes are free.  i like the free part, and i like the part where it doesn’t matter so much if i keep up, or do it the same way, or at all.

she’s called Jessica Sprague, and the class is called Holidays in Hand, and here i might share some bits of the class as i go along.  this caught my eye, since it’ s been on my mind how to celebrate christmas this year (in ways other than a mound of toys r  us), especially since we subtracted a lot of what signals christmas by default (snow, cold weather and all that).so, it was really fitting that day 1 of this class asked for some holiday values and goals for chrismas for your family.

So, here’s the sharing out loud bit:

holiday vaules – things to treasure most/hopes for the holiday season in just the words:  magic gratitude focus joy

values become goals – concrete and measurable (which sound a little too SMART to me to be magical and joyful 😉 ):

goals one: magic and joy I want to help my kids participate in the making of the magic of the holidays so they get to experience the magic and the anticipation and the joy of all parts, not just the present opening joy, and one way will be by crafting with them, with the products being part of the focus – to decorate, to give, to remember. I am aiming for 12 days of crafts beginning Dec 1, but i also grant flexibility so that no one winds up in tears or the ER over the stress of HAVING to. Maybe it will be every other day, maybe…  But it will be.

goal two: gratitude We will write thank you cards to those that send gifts to the kids so that we work on the understanding that presents don’t always just come in the mail just because. Those people love you, thought of you, shopped for you, spent money on you, wrapped for you, drove to the post office for you, mailed a present for you, with the hope for you to be happy.  We love that person back, so we will say thank you, that was special of you.

goal three: focus We are not delivering Toys R Us to the living room.  Magic, joy, gratitude and focus on the important things -> our gifts will fall maninly under the simple saying of Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. There will still be stockings, and a little Santa too.

Having said all that, we have no one to “please” but ourselves this season, so in simpler words, I just want to help make more magic in the season for the kids.  It may comes in ways not listed here, and that’s okay too.

The other assignment for Day 1 includes committing to 20 minutes of writing/photographing/crafting/documenting…. a day.  I think I like this assignement 😉 !

Stay tuned, looks like there will be lots to share!

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