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Thu November 12 2009

i have to make lists and notes to empty my brain of things i am trying to remember.  otherwise, i have to keep thinking the thing to remember it, and it is considerably less fun (and way less productive&effective) to walk around thinking “breadchickenvinegarpapertowels  breadchickenvinegarpapertowels” or “makevetappointmentdolaundrycheckwebsite makevetappointmentdolaundrycheckwebsite” than it is to write it down in a list so i can remember to DO it and am able to stop thinking it.

my lists are usually not a pretty thing: either scribbled on a scrap of something, usually also decorated (before or after the listing) with kid doodles, or elaborate, full, 8.5×11 categorized, departmentalized lists (you know, where you go through 5 recipes you want to make and write down everything haphazardly that you need, then look at the unruly list and realize it will not help you succeed at the shopping expedition, so you re-list the list into manageable categories of like items), also managing to be scrappy and haphazard, but trying.

after enjoying one of the blogs linked to below (i think pi’lo), and seeing her shopping list that she made (and provided a download for), i decided i needed to do some midnight crafting to make my own.

i love this paper i got at staples – it’s made with 80% recycled sugar cane waste and had delicate brown lines instead of the schoolhouse blue.  and i also got some a composition book and a spiral bound notebook made of the same paper (one to make a scrapbook of a family visit out of, and one to make lists in 😉 )

next, i plan to make similar looking to-do lists that will help me sort and plan the things that i MUST and HAVE TO do in a day from the things i WANT or HOPE to do.  sometimes i can mix those lists up, and then we don’t have {chickenbroccolimilkandapples} for dinner when the time comes. whoops.


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  1. Thu November 12 2009 6:17 pm

    …i guess i can cancel that fancy high tech solution since you have low tech alternatives…

    • oddlybuoyant permalink*
      Thu November 12 2009 10:15 pm

      i need all the techs i can get 😉

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