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puddle splashes

Thu November 05 2009

so, guess what?  it’s raining again.  after a summer with virtually NO rain, it turns out that fall is being quite rainy.

i did not have a very good sleep last night, due to several reasons {an allergic reaction to an otherwise awesome shampoo; a dog that managed to chew on her paws even with a giant cone on her head; a husband who’s away; and…}, including the weather report of a “colossal storm” for Vancouver Island with wind warnings, rainfall warnings of 100mm in a day, and a husband needing to take the ferry back today.

{ETA: they are now calling it a “weather bomb” out here.  yay! colossal weather bomb!}

anyway, i get up, wash my hair again (after my midnight re-washing), squabble with small personalities about wearing bottoms when we go out {yes, we do}, wearing jackets in the rain {yes, we do}, then drop another personality off at school, regret stopping at the grocery store, and finally haul all of our accumulated garbage and recycling out for pick up later.  i hope the cardboard doesn’t disintegrate in the rain while it waits.

as i am coming back in the door, the littlest homebody is putting on her rain boots to come and help me.  i’m all done, but can’t disappoint someone with her boots already on, so we squabble into our rain coat again and walk out to splash in the puddles.  we float leaves down the tiny rivers.  we test them curving up or down. we look down the big drain and conclude there’s water in there.  we watch the bubbles float in the puddles.  we walk to the mailbox and notice the puddle with dirt in them.  we get cuddled in towels warm from the dryer.

{up next: a few photos of canadian naval ships from our quick tour/hockey game stopover}

11 05 09 001

puddle leaves

11 05 09 003

rain drop plop

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