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Thu November 05 2009

i am in love with this stuff.  and it’s not new love either.  years ago, YEARS ago, watching sarah richardson’s first show on HGTV… i forget what it was called, but way back when she did her own painting and crafting and sewing, she once upon a time did a room with these little adorable pillows with pockets on the front and a tiny little friend tucked in the pocket.  oh, how i loved those, and oh how i looked for them.  i remember sort of finding them, but the internet wasn’t then what it is now, and toronto was far from north bay.  so, just now, i’m sitting here reading my google reader blogs and this person shares a post about pi’lo. and somewhere, dingdingding, in the dusty back corners of my memory, a bell rings.  i remember the whole sarah richardson thing, so i click and i love every thing in her etsy shop and her website, but i can’t exactly remember what little thing it was that sarah used that sparked this love so many years ago.  then i remembered when i saw the little pocket pillows in her etsy shop.  and yes, i still love them, but there is so much more to love now too. did you see the alphabet pillow?  the friends pillow with the blob people (my very favourite era of Bug’s art are her blob people, i heart them so much it hurts), the crowns and wands, the photo pocket ornament?  the CHRISTMAS CRACKERS??! the tooth fairy pillow?  the felt bags???  did you see, did you see?!

see, this feeds this crazy idea to chuck commercial christmas and craft it, to decorate the charlie brown tree with our own work.  crazy.  we can barely make kraft dinner around here, and now i want to make decorations, pants, quilts and advent calendars…

and, at this same time, i am right now reading amanda blake soule’s newest book handmade home and i think that i think that i want a sewing machine now, to try to dabble in real construction of things.  and pi’lo, though way more awesome and skilled than i can hope to be, is a treasure of inspiration. it’s love, it is.

and how it’s all cream coloured, in linen?  swoon.

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