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flash mob o’ pumpkins

Thu November 05 2009

part of this exercise is to notice and share “new” things that living in a new province brings.  okay:  there seems to be some sort of tradition around these parts of seemingly spontaneous collections of carved pumpkins. i have no idea if “everyone” “always” brings their jack-0-lanterns to the same spot or what’s going on, but since we were out sightseeing this past weekend, i can attest to the fact that we witnessed such gaping-mouthed collections of gourds along the highway out of Tofino/Ucluelet, along a park road in Victoria, where the sidewalk meets the grass along Dogwood Drive in Ladysmith, and apparently here in Nanaimo:

The Shady Mile #2

see this image credited to its owner where i found it at the weather network

i have NO IDEA what this is about, but it’s hilarious and funny, and you can’t help but smile at these orange, blank-eyed assemblages. it’s like auditions for a jack pumpkinhead reality show, or cast-offs from the pumpkin head scarecrow make-and-take. i have n.e.v.e.r. seen anything like it.

we didn’t act fast enough to add our little jacks to the collection on Dogwood Dr (they were scooped up by a little bobcat and loaded into a trailer this morning, i assume to join the other compost stuff this town is seemingly strict about), and although i drove by it several, several times, i forgot to bring my camera each and every time.  so, thanks to the weather network poster who remembered his camera!

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