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laying low

Thu October 22 2009

we’ve had one, then two sick girls this week, so we’ve been pretty quiet all around.  plus, it’s getting pitch black dark so early now – 6:30pm for sure.  although, the upside to that, and living not very near large, overly lighted urban areas, is that when i walk out our door to walk the dog to the mailbox, for example, the Big Dipper glitters right before my eyes.  we will have to make a star-watching date sometime, with hot cocoa and marshmallows.  that sounds great, although have never done so.

i saw holiday egg nog in the grocery store this morning.

then while i was reading some favourite blogs, i noticed that christmas is starting to get a lot of attention. one post reminded me of this simple holiday focus for kids+gift giving: want, need, wear, read.  one gift for each.  i like that.  i do not like mountains and piles of plastic and cardboard packaging unpenetrable by grown adults, and the resulting chaos of useless, soon-lost and squabbled-over toys.  someone went so far as to have gift tags labelled with each word, so not only is giving simplified for parents and after-holiday storage does not become an issue, the kids are part of the plan, rather than kids that only got 4 presents.  i like that. i also like the idea of  giving the gifts of activities rather than aforementioned piles of toys – museum/gallery passes, fees for lessons gifted and so on.  i don’t need anymore singing, dancing toys, thanks anyway.

i toyed with the idea, as we were unpacking here, of actually chucking out all the christmas decorations in the 4 boxes we eventually wedged in the storage closet.  i have visions of a real, branchy, charlie  brown tree decorated with ornaments we make and a few special keepsake, heirloom, ones.  gooodbye motorized tigger with ice skates and an arm that goes up and down with fake christmas baubles.  good bye fake branch garlands that leave fake needles on my floor. goodbye collections of christmas cards from the past 5 years, i can repurpose you.  good bye giant fake tree that takes up inordinate amounts of space, although i would miss it’s sparkly lights, i do love lights.  anyway, maybe some baby steps in this direction, i think.  we’ll have to talk it over. i wouldn’t want to just delete things from christmas, without upping the magic in some way for the kids. i can be cranky, but i have no scrooge-ish aspirations 😉

one of Big Daddy's photos taken in the spring - Cowichan Bay

one of Big Daddy's photos taken in the spring - Cowichan Bay

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