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salt spring island

Tue October 06 2009

BC ferries took us to salt spring island on saturday, from the little seaside mill town of crofton to vesuvius bay — about a 20 minute crossing.  we drove through the island town of Ganges, and the market appeared to be going strong still at just after 2 pm, but we didn’t feel like stopping and elbowing into the throngs of marketers that day so we continued on along the twisty and pretty road to see lots of quiet, rural scenery and get the impression that life on salt spring island would indeed be quiet, laid back and what you make of it.  almost every driveway had a farm stand and a box of some kind to deposit your money on the honour system for their goodies.  lots and lots of signs for fresh, farm eggs and coolers to hold them.  also lots of cut flowers for sale at the farm stands. and one zamboni.  later on in our drive we began to see lots and lots of gated, locked driveways with those freestanding key/locks or intercoms to be admitted through the automatic gates.  a slightly different kind of rural life! i hear that lots of celebrities and lots of money lives on salt spring island, but that even residents aren’t sure of who is in their midst.  also, lots of vineyards with grapes hanging off the vines.  Garry Oaks was one, Mistaken Identity was another whose signs I caught on the way past.

We got out and wandered a little at Ruckle Provincial Park. There are some heritage farm buildings and some turkeys that live there.  Turkey really liked the turkeys.  Fitting. They did actually “gobblegobblegobble”.

We took the ferry back to Crofton just as the sun was beginning to set behind the peaks of the Vancouver Island Range and it was really neat to see the settlements on the edge of the ocean – Crofton right in front of us, then Chemainus a little further up, and at one point we could also actually see up to Ladysmith and Ladysmith Harbour.  From that perspective, you can see the full definition of “seaside town” and “nestled on the seaside” and so on.  I’ve spent some time today in Google Earth to straighten out in my head which Gulf Islands are which and where some things are in relation to each other.  It’s still very new to me and there’s lots to learn.

We took some pictures:

10 03 09 001

10 03 09 003

10 03 09 00510 03 09 036

10 03 09 04410 03 09 04610 03 09 05210 03 09 05510 03 09 05710 03 09 06110 03 09 06210 03 09 07110 03 09 07210 03 09 079

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