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Fri October 02 2009


i have wanted to read the massive, ginormoursly huge novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell since i don’t know when i first knew of it.  i found it while wandering in my Vancouver Island Regional Library branch.  i don’t know that i have read a larger book, other than my Shakespeare anthology (that’s 2000+ pages of the Bard, folks), maybe.  holy cow.  after about 3 weeks, i guess i am about half way through it’s almost EIGHT HUNDRED PAGES… i like it a lot.  it’s not particularly fast moving at all, but not plodding.  i like the writing, i enjoy the obsolete spellings, i enjoy Strange, i find his relationship with Arabella sparkles of the page in a novel where most if it is pretty monochromatic, and i find the man with the thistle-down hair appropriately creepy (since i don’t know how that part is going to go), but WILL IT EVER END??  and, it’s a novel i can just walk away from, and come back to, nothing interesting to report there.

click on the book cover image to see the wikipedia page to get a sense of how this is not just any old book.  phew.

click here to see the website about the book and author

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  1. Mom permalink
    Sun October 04 2009 3:48 pm

    Right now I’m reading Anne Bronte’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. It must be said that as a society our language skills have slipped; “Her feelings had been wrought to a pitch that rendered it necessary to seek relief in tears” is much more finely phrased than “She cried”.

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