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one small, amazing {cosmic} world

Wed September 30 2009

the internet can be a bunch of fun. this is just fun. imagine when it it’s employed for change.

anyway, remember way back to cosmic weirdness=love? in which we met jason mraz and how he answers twitter questions from fans on his blog.  well, i tweeted him a question the other day and it was one of the bunch he answered!  this is cool, because i love his music so much, and just a cool 21st century way to interact with people we’ve never met, live nowhere near, are nothing like, and do not move in the same circles (like, San Diego-surfing, world-travelling, Grammy Award-winning, Billboard-topping kind of circles).

oddlybuoyant: you’ve travelled all over – what place/landscape makes you feel most connected to your higher purpose? or just amazed? Why

To date, I’ve been most amazed on the Incan Trail en route to Macchu Picchu. You get so deep in the mountains that you come to life with spirit and vitality. 4 days walking in prayer helps of course, but the landscape is stunning and the energy in the Andres is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. The Himalayas is next on my list of places to be elevated by every sense of the word.

click here to see the blog and the photo he included in his response

and he also added this nugget to another response:

So in essence, everything’s cosmic. You are cosmic after all.

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