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happy tape + oh look i already knew about tides + ah yes, the Stefan-Boltzmann Law

Wed September 23 2009

so, too many things at once, but such is the state of my brain, so too bad.

happy tape

indeed, so happy-making!  it’s adorable.  and small.  nothing on happy tape’s happy sell-y website led me to believe it would be so compact.  but, perhaps i should have slowed down to do some thinking to make some inference/predictions about what it would look like in real life.  my schema is of fat, industrial rolls of masking tape and duct tape courtesy of our big-box home improvement retailers here in North America.  i also should have recalled my knowledge of dainty, pretty crafty things and the small packages they typically come in. the clues would primarily be that it’s from Japan, which is NOT big fat, big-box North America. and it’s pretty, dainty, crafty. and not a buck or two.  but it’s not that bad, they are small rolls, but there’s quite a bit on them.  i was just surprised, not knowing what to expect.  but i LOVE them! now… what to do with them??

09 23 09 00209 23 09 00309 23 09 00409 23 09 006

tides + stefan-boltsmann law

so, on my to-do list was learn something about tides.  i know someone named My Mother who is into Galaxy Zoo, which seems like a pretty cool thing to do.  i mentioned the other day that i have a first-year university astronomy text book that might go well with galaxy zoo.  she said sure.  i ripped apart the manymany boes of books stacked in Turkey’s closet to find it today (and yes, it was in the last box.  the one i skipped over at the start because i was sure it wasn’t in there), and i flipped through it over lunch with Turkey.  i clearly have always liked highlighters, but my notation-in-margin-writing-in-all-over-books predilection wasn’t as highly developed yet.  what i did discover is that i already know something about tides. what causes them, how they are caused, and so on. huh.  who knew?  my brain forgot i knew. thanks brain.  but kudos to brain for retaining fresh and up front all the lyrics to Roxette songs.  that definitely comes in handy.

09 23 09 007

09 23 09 009

sorry.  just a lot of rambling.  the Stefan-Boltzmann Law was apparently something else i once learned in astronomy class and promptly forgot due to total lack of relevance. no, i am not often called upon to consider “the dependence of the total rate of radiation by a blackbody on temperature.” see: no connection, no relevance, no comprehension.

playground photos to come.

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  1. Mom permalink
    Thu September 24 2009 7:59 am

    Oh! I get it. Tape – as in sticky. I was expecting something musical – but of course nobody records music onto tape anymore. I forget where I put my……what’s the name of that supplement that helps with memory??

    I like your pretty tape, you’ll do something zowie with it.

  2. oddlybuoyant permalink*
    Thu September 24 2009 9:07 am

    no, no tapes anymore but vinyl is making a comeback. i did see a sign at costco that informed customers that as of Sept 2009 the costco photo place won’t be processing 35mm film anymore! i noticed this as we were picking up my digital prints, haha. ahem.

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