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where do they get their ideas?

Mon September 21 2009

kids. seriously. i’m folding laundry with the newly-3 Turkey, and having a “tubby bath” is on her radar, so she’s into the linen closet where the towels are precisely at her level.  i’m folding and stacking and hanging, and she’s suspiciously quiet in the hall.  i’m opening and closing drawers, and she bursts into the room with an armful of clean, folded towels, previously stacked neatly on the shelves in said closet.  she enthusiastically and ceremoniously plops her leaning tower of towels on the floor, and i casually, yet curiously+surprised, ask, ‘what are you doing…?’  with all the certitude of three, that she’s got a fantabulous and supremefun idea, she declares, ‘i want to jump on them!’ and proceeds to do exactly that.  a squishy egyptian spun trampoline.  and it does look like fun, as i watch her long pale hair mushroom up and down.  being three is blissfully fun, until your mommy says things like, ‘uh, honeypie, those are the only clean towels in the house… sigh

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