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Thu September 17 2009

below is what $2.87 got us at the local thrift store today.  ever since laying eyes on  The Artful Storybook, and since coveting journals from Evalicious, I have been itching to find and hoard paper.  that’s what led to these days, not than anything really has gone in it yet.  I decided against spending an additional dollar on a parker brothers careers! game that had AWESOME cards (like monoploy community chest) that said OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS.  i might have to go back and spend a looney on that.  i think i have to have a stack of cards that say OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS.

(i realize it’s not really in focus.  i have been having a problem with FOCUS lately…)

09 17 09 002

09 17 09 003

09 17 09 008

09 13 09 011nnow, this is the Community Beach in Parksville.  When the tide is IN.  When the tide is OUT, this is where we took all the kite flying, sandcastle pictures, when we walk and play right out of the frame to the right, on the sand.  That is a LOT of water that goes back and forth, and up and down…

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  1. oddlybuoyant permalink*
    Mon September 21 2009 6:37 pm

    i don’t suppose many others gasp and scoop protectively when they spy DOLCH FLASHCARDS on the shelf at the thrift store… what a nerd am i. and the nice lady at the thrift store cash register asked me curiously ‘do you know the language?’ on the other flashcards (japanese?), to which i could only bust out an excited/giddy, “No!!” but hey, i can papercraft/mixedmediaart/scrapbook make with subitizing/dot cards and dolch flashcards! all i need now is some FOOLSCAP and the teacherly nerdiness would be near complete

  2. Mom permalink
    Thu September 24 2009 7:45 am

    Nerds are cool.

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