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i can barely breathe…

Tue September 08 2009

for laughing: It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages

i know it’s 11pm and i’m still up all alone, eating rice krispy squares with too much marshmallow in them, but some things are just too good not to share, all sugerrushpunchy or not.

i don’t know if anyone else will find this quite as hilariouslyfunny as i do, i don’t know if you need to be a teacher to get it (i realize that i am having some issues in life due to my inability to “un-teacherify” myself), but this is some seriously funny stuff here.  pick a post, any post, to read.  i am laughing all the way through the “organizational nerdiness” posts to start with.  two things are happening simultaneously:  i am inwardly shouting, “yes, say it sister!” and also inwardly shouting “ohmygosh, she’s me!” (which may pertain specifically to her professed affection for sharpie markers and post it notes, or maybe more). and, oh yeah, i am laughing out loud.  i am laughing OUT LOUD in a room all by myself, hoping my guffaws and hiccoughs don’t wake the family.

and just when i was going to say the only thing missing from her iamteacher narrative was the mention of the teacher’s inability to “use the facilities” at one’s own convenience {do you know of any other job where you are permitted to schedule in a pee precisely between the minutes of 10:17am and 10:22am, if, that is, you can get yourself in the front of the line ahead of your 30 staff mates who are also permitted to pee between those minutes, and with whom you share the two staff washrooms in the building, and if, that is, you do not need to perform any other human functions in those minutes (such as eat, hydrate, regain circulation, seek fresh air, breathe in-breathe out) or professional duties (such as return phone calls, make phone calls, photocopy something, mark/assess/read/collect/handout student work, find a colleague, find an administrator, have a dialogue, meet in a team/committee, prep for the next round, clean up a mess, wash the desks in your classroombecausenooneelsedoesandthat’sjustyucky, write a note, read a note, walk all the way down the hall and back because that’s where the thing you need is kept and so on and so forth) — haha!  she does exactly that! my love for this person/blog is complete.

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