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making stuff

Mon September 07 2009

i am noticing september-back-to-school is a lot like new years day.  we (especially moms) make all sorts of resolutions, from laundry routines to packing school lunches, to what to do while the kid(s) are at school, or even how to get them there (new routines for everybody! weee!)…  sure.  i am hoping to carve out some guilt-less (not as in guilt free, just less guilt) time to relax my attitude with something i enjoy/need.  that will probably be reading, but may just as often be creating.  i had to do some midnight making of stuff last night.  sing when the spirit says sing, sings raffi.

i’m not too sure what’s going to go in it yet, i guess some journalling, some writing, some scrapbooking.  it will evolve.  my resolution for this is to make without having to buy scads of new stuff to make stuff.  i’m cool with the purchase of tools, like pens or paintbrushes or whatever because i don’t have a go-go-gadget finger or anything, but i don’t think i need to donate to the cause with the purchase of the bewildering array of  “embellishments” and specially made paint in teeny bottles or whatever.  i want to be a bit more creative than that. it’s a plan, it will evolve, and probably not be anything like i planned…





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