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The Trolley

Wed August 26 2009


We’ve been seeing it ALL over town when we go out, and it’s Very Interesting to the girls – Very Exciting to spot it!  Turkey hollered loud enough to  be heard throughout the public library yesterday when she spotted it out the window of the library. I had to COME MERE to see, right away.  Ladysmith apparently has it’s first (yes, you read that right, first) public transportation now – and it happens to be a trolley.  And the trolley happens to be Free.  This is crazy exciting to Bug, because now for sure nothing is stopping us from hopping on that thing whenever she next spots it wherever we are in town – I can’t explain that I don’t have any coins in my pocket.  Well, instead I will have to study the map of all SEVEN routes the thing takes and plan an outing, trolley style.  Ladysmith Trolley Website

I do seriously feel a little Mr. Rogers and the Neighbourhood of Make Believe every time I see it (and I could use a little make-believe, so maybe that’s a good thing):

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