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Sun August 23 2009


blackberries grow wild all over the place – everywhere, it seems, the whole place is choked with blackberries.  neither of the girls will eat them, wild or otherwise.  berries are one of my strongest associations/memories of my grandmother — being made to swelter through wild raspberry patches in the summer with a tin can tied around my waist; eating her out of this world good wild strawberry preserves.  that one is SO linked to her because she’s the only person i know who managed to find and pick enough of those little miracles and make preserves out of them. it simply doesn’t exist in this world without her.  i should probably get motivated in the future to make the most of this harvest.  in the background is the Ladysmith Maritime Society marina.

below, a sailboat at the marina


BC Ferries in Campbell River, BC, looks like it is returning from Quadra Island, which is what you see right there on the other side of the water.  S.p.e.c.t.a.c.u.l.a.r. scenery.


Chemainus, BC : we didn’t get to browse or wander too much here (we are still two, remember), but we will have to go back, it looks very charming and has some antiques that i’d like to browse.  did see a bracelet that should have my name on it, made of beach stones, so nice.


this brown VW goodness can be yours for $8900, Parksville, BC


IMG_3275maybe this one is more your style? {mine too!}

there is an abundance of these vintage motel signs, I have noticed lots in Nanaimo, this one is in Parksville, and I have seen some in Victoria too.  I happen to love them.  I will have to take more (better) shots of them, I will collect them and put them in a jar!


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