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Vi strikes again, and is enabled

Wed August 19 2009

just prior to something along the lines of ‘life’s second biggest meltdown’ in someone’s 2.11 years, we cruised through the local thrift store again. man, that’s the tidest, cleanest little thrift store i ever did see.  “we” were drawn in by blue drawers i could see from the road, which turned out to be in a desk missing things like other drawers, battled over not actually getting into the high chair ad not buying a bangle watch that doesn’t work (i have a large enough collection of battery dead watches as it is), but spending the indulgent amount of 25 cents on a weathered loaf pan.  mine, all mine!  i am fresh off the blog discovery of this inspirational goodness, and am needing some vintage, retro, thrifty something or other.  today, a loaf pan {now holding the bit and bobs up to now strewn over one section of kitchen countertop and driving me mad – 2 drained ipods, drained rechargeable batteries, postcards waiting for stories etc, the homeless keepers} — tomorrow…. a desk?  a vase?  a looky loo? a peek around?  i read that the saturday market in Ganges on salt spring island also includes antiques.  if so, all the more reason i’ve gotta go, gotta go!!

and doesn’t this look AWESOME???!  Salt Spring Studio Tour

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