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the heart grows fonder/in which we meet marcus

Mon August 17 2009

sorry for the absence.  my regular laptop is being as crabby, stubborn and tempermental as is befitting of a resident of this house, and i have not yet put forth the energy or time to figure out downloading the camera onto this other laptop, and really, these daily doings posts are not nearly as exciting without a picture to accompany them.  read on and see what i mean:

– an early shopping trip brought home new wineglasses, and i really like them (imagine picture here)

– we have kites to fly now, two “small” regualar ish “diamond” ones for the barnyard, and one funner one for the big daddy.  perhaps he bought himself his own birthday present?  should i put a bow on it for tomorrow morning?  surprise!  bet you had no idea THIS was your present, heehee.

– we got library cards today, and i had to actually send Bug back to the shelves to CHOOSE LESS, since i am not totally sure, but pretty sure, that even a voracious seven year old reader probably can’t make it through more chapter books than she can actually carry adeptly, in one sign out period.  we are, for the time being, all stocked up on rainbow magic and animal chapter books, plus some ocean books and tana hoban books (well, i chose those for Turkey). and i got a marcus buckingham! i don’t manage anyone, and am not in any sort of business, but i think he’s got great things to say, and i couldn’t see any of this strengths books on the shelf, so this will do.  apparently there is a long waiting list for the sookie stackhouse series (hm, the library has 6 copies and there are 41 requests for one…… ) which is disappointing since i totally enjoyed the fluff of dead until dark and want to summer read more and more and more, but apparently so does a large portion of vancouver island regional library’s membership. bah.  guess i should have bought this boxed set instead of just the first book….! but at least i am THOROUGHLY ENJOYING the first 30 pages of The Little Book by Selden Edwards.

– have bought some wine to put in those wine glasses.  started with beer in them, however – bud light lime is all the rage.  it’s nice if you like a little fruity in your beer.  you could also cram a wedge of lime in your corona though.  also, enjoyed a yellow tail shiraz and up next a Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon from California, and a white called Blouberg from South
Africa (mostly because the bottle is cute).  I never remember anything i ever knew about wine, or new things i learn.

– hm, i guess if i can’t post pictures, i can link.  the reddish words will be links, so book some time to go exploring.

or watch some marcus: {WATCH THIS FIRST ONE!}

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