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Fri August 07 2009

the day took us girls to Transfer Beach here in Ladysmith to play on the massive playground and at the edge of the ocean.  when we went last weekend, Big Daddy took Bug KAYAKING in that ocean, and Turkey and I had some pink ice cream.  today we took it easy and just played around.  i took pictures.  Bug befriended a brother and a sister from Calgary exploring the beach while visiting with their grandmother from Nanaimo.  they found some cool stuff..


so seriously, these sea stars really are this vivid purple colour.  it’s wild.  this one is gripped right onto that rock, and HARD to the touch.  i thought they would be soft and flobbly and tender. nope. that one… part (technical term) that’s extended is rigid.


this is a different sea star than the  first one.  these kids found lots.  this is his underside. he (?) is clutching those rocks.  i’m not sure what the term would be for those little tentacly bristle things that seem to be suctioning onto the rocks.  see, i have so much to learn.  again, even his underside is pretty hard to the touch, although parts have slimy stuff on top. too bad this isn’t in focus better.


this is apparently a jelly fish, “one of the bigger ones”  most are smaller, i am told. the kids were touching the top of it (well, not my kids), and then they were told to go and wash their hands off in the water.


what’s this thing?  i have no idea, i am only guessing that it’s one of those smaller jelly fish.  it looks jellyish and transparent.  and it’s definitely not a cupcake wrapper or anything.


what else did we do at the beach park besides come face to face with sea stars and jelly fish?  we played on the great big playground that’s all bridges and wobbly bridges above ground with tires to climb and walk over.  it’s huge.


we went up and down the hill, and up and down.  sometimes we used the stairs.  sometimes we ran on the grass.


we had some snacks.  we also had french fries with gravy on the side.  mmmm.  and lemonade.  and a lollipop.


checked out the beach for rocks to throw or other interesting things


enjoyed the day here where we are

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