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Being Vi

Thu July 30 2009

so, what do you do on a sweltering hot (feels like 40) “extreme heat wave” summer day in Ladysmith with two small kids?  Go to the local thrift store, of course.  it’s was a hip and happening place: there was a line up at the counter.  we soon found out why!  50% off! 50% off at the thrift store is like charging smiles for merchandise.  we’d been in browsing before (of course Bug beelined to the stuffed animals – I admit to not being particularly keen on secondhand stuffed animals, that’s a little ewy), and I’ve been secretly coveting MASON JARS.  of course.  of all the things at a thrift store, mason jars are what catch the eye.  on a makeshift shelf in a corner in the back room, on display beside the used egg cartons for sale.  mm-hmm.  but at TWENTY-FIVE CENTS APIECE, you can hardly not covet these mason jars.  i picked three particularly shining and clean wide mouth mason jars. and a green diamonded “hoosier glass” (?) vase that jumped off the shelf into the basket i stole from Turkey.  ALSO 25 cents.  all this fun for ONE LOONEY!!   but wait!!  as they were carefully wrapped in paper at the cash register, i enjoyed a ridiculous 50% off discount and actually had all that shopping pleasure for FIFTY FOUR CENTS.  tell me i did not feel like my Grandma Farmer in there.  tell me i also did not spy several things that i am sure she had one of herself (a yellowy orange chopper thing particularly made me think of her), or bought one of and gave away, or that i thought she would buy if she were there.

anyway, the loot looked like this:


then we got $10 worth of BC flowers and now they look like this (as soon as i saw this windowish ledge i wanted to put someTHING on it, and as soon as i saw the mason jars i wanted to line some up on this ledge):


those are some beach shells in the middle jar:



3 Comments leave one →
  1. Big Daddy permalink
    Thu July 30 2009 8:25 pm

    …I never got Wide Mouth Mason, Made in Canada until now…

  2. verachuckanddave permalink
    Sun August 02 2009 12:53 pm

    Vi would be proud of you, she taught you well.

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