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on the must have list: one Westfalia

Mon July 27 2009

it’s so hot i forget what we did this weekend. well, not really, but close.  we took the girls and the dog to the beach on Saturday, or was it Sunday?  We went to Parksville again, but different beach.  We managed to arrive at the same time the tide was going OUT, which was really neat to witness.  Big Daddy and Bug waded out to this sand-island, and really soon after they waded back, the water had receded so much that the rest of us just walked out on the sand.  Hah!  But unexpected to see in person how fast the landscape changes – a lot of water moves pretty quick.  It was the Poodle’s first real ocean experience, and she did well.  Just as with everything that’s not people-or-food-related, she wasn’t so sure at first, but did what her Daddy told her and waded in the water and sniffed at the sand and barked at the dogs and stopped barking at the dogs, and pulled on the leash and obediently observed what was on offer.  She slept in the truck on the way home.  I am so un-versed at beach/ocean going that I find it really helpful to watch what others are doing – how far out they are wading, what they bring to the beach, how and where they set up, and what they do while they are there.  I realize not everyone there is “a local” but it gives me some context anyway.  I am learning each time.  And I also realize that most other people are not as staggeringly clueless as I am.

We learned that we need sweaters when we go to Tofino, no matter what the weather is like at home.  We aren’t likely to pop off to Long Beach all that often (it’s a three or four hour twisty mountain road ordeal), but the ‘sweaters are good’ discovery also transfers into the ‘a change of clothes is good’ learning.  We have driven sodden, sandy kids home too many times already.  We also realized pails and shovels are good.  They are even better if they are ALREADY IN THE CAR, rather than at home.  So, so far, we have sweaters at Tofino, a change of clothes, pails and shovels in the car. We have also inconsistently learned that TOWELS are also quite useful when one goes to the beach with kids.  Someone is likely to get wet or need sopping up of some kind, even if that’s not the intention of the trip.  We have to regularly remember to bring A DRINK (or 4), since the absence of one immediately signals the incessant need for one and the unending reminders of how dire the thirst really is.  Pack it, and while it guarantees no one will drink it, it also guarantees that you won’t be caught without one. So now the must-have list includes  sweaters at Tofino, a change of clothes, pails and shovels in the car, towels and 4 drinks minimum.  I also learning that I enjoy bringing the camera, because you never know when you might want to take a picture or capture life or document an experience, or have an escape from something tedious-for-adults (like the flippin’ playground).  I likey my Rebel, even if I can’t work the manual settings (or choose not to expend the energy needed to learn).  Oh, some sort of snack.  Heaven forfend the crabbies if we don’t have some sort of immediate snack packed.  Unlike the drinks, these are usually gone before we get out of town. I can’t pack enough, but I can’t stand packing so much.  Sigh. And of course, when we bring the dog, we need to bring scooper bags, although I notice these are provided at random public places for conscientious dog owner convenience.  Oops, can’t forget the pull-ups.  Turkey is very dismissive of potty training, so we can’t forget the pull ups (like we did today). Don’t leave home without it: sweaters at Tofino, a change of clothes, pails and shovels in the car, towels and 4 drinks minimum, camera, snacks, poop scooper bags and toddler pull ups.

Saw a smart mom-and-dad-take-kids-to-the-beach-playground unit today that had all their must have list packed in a plastic basket with handles.  I want one of those.  This is all my addled brain can remember needed so far.  I am sure we will learn more essentials.  {So far, have not needed “big huge black inner tube” as many around here do, and are not strapping bikes/canoes/kayaks/surfboards/Jenga/supersoakers on to the roof like SO MANY others.  Yet!}


camera entertaining me at playground

camera entertaining me at playground

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  1. oddlybuoyant permalink*
    Mon July 27 2009 9:44 pm

    aaaaaaand sunscreen…

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