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just another day…

Wed July 22 2009

in paradise!  beautiful, gorgeous day (that did get a little hot) and gorgeous cool night, it’s amazing.

EIGHTY MILLIMETERS OF SNOW A YEAR, folks.  that’s right, that’s MILLimeters.  that’s about 3 INCHES.  A YEAR.  that’s where we live. HA!

we tried a few outings today that could have been better if we weren’t quite so two, or quite so seven {or quite so thirty-something, if we’re being honest} or quite so crabby.  we did manage to walk up and down the downtown blocks and visit a few stores to see what they’re like:

  • there’s a new and used bookstore with a loveseat in the middle that the Bug tucked right up on with books from the shelf. Chester and Scaredy Squirrel were top picks today.
  • we peeked in the library, where the Turkey found the bin of mega blocks, and actually made ME wait for her to “clean up” before we left.  since when does that happen? Bug discovered their bin of fairy books, so we certainly have to go back next week and get a card. and then we will have to get a book about sea shells, marine life, kelp and all the things we are looking at that we have no idea what they really are.  i like to know.
  • we found the children’s consignment store that also has new Melissa and Doug toys.  Turkey almost wheeled the $70 Melissa and Doug mini shopping cart right out of the store.  la la la
  • similarly we almost had to leave the pet store with a budgie and a rat, as well as the rottweiler puppies that were there.  my kids like animals.  Bug was adoring the mice until the woman working there told her they don’t make good pets, but rats do because they like people.  so now Bug wants a rat when she gets older.  great!  Turkey was enthralled with the “birdy”, which i didn’t really expect.  she really really liked seeing that.  she also really wanted to let it out.  the fish were popular AT FIRST, until we saw the mice, rats and budgies.  i was happy to see that they have shelves and shelves of the Poodle’s premium, grain-free, single-source protein, fit for human consumption grade, Canadian made kibble (which I read on that website that some of the fish and the “sea vegetable” ingredients come from Vancouver Island! and made in Alberta). you can’t get this at Wal-Mart, folks.
  • we tried to go into the butcher shop and check out what we could bring home for dinner, but Turkey was crabby a bit to begin with, and must not have liked the different smell of a butcher shop, since we walked in the door and ran right back out telling everyone in the vicinity how she didn’t want to be in there.  then we thought we would go in, then for sure we wouldn’t…..  sheesh.  we did get to look in the window at the free range chickens for sale that i can’t cook in my broken oven, and lots of fresh fish, some of which i assume is local.  i know the oysters were local and i think some of the shrimp was too.
  • we skipped the bakery for some reason, which is the one place i was prepared to actually buy something.  next time!
  • we took a drive down Chemainus Road a bit, checked out a cute antiques store where Turkey found a painted-yellow dressing table at just her height and proceeded to refuse to go anywhere else but right there where she could look in the mirror and admire her hair “my hair so pretty, mom.  so pretty”
  • got a tip at the visitor information centre/chamber of commerce about 2 other beaches nearby to try out for rock and shell collecting at low tide.  that’s at the top of my to-do list.  the main beach here is Transfer Beach and it’s rockin’ awesome with everything you could ever want – volleyball, play apparatus, splash pad, french fries, ice cream, ampitheatre, kayak rentals, swimming, shade, sandbox, play boat… on and on.  But you can’t make 2 kids march PAST the french fries, play equipment, splash pad and kayaks to get to the sea shells.  we just can’t go there every time.  i don’t have the stamina! sometimes you just want to freakin’ look for shells and THAT’S IT.

on the books for tomorrow:  hoping for happy smiles and maybe either a low-tide beach exploration, or a new park exploration, or a walk down the nature trail behind our house (we may or may not make it all the way to the waterfall!).  we also have to check out the community centre that’s around the corner soon too… oh, uh, and maybe UNPACKING something would be good too.  pretty soon i am going to push these boxes in the dining room together and put a table cloth over them and have dinner.  done.

this site should be our to-do list: Tourism Ladysmith

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