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BC/Island goodness

Tue July 21 2009

i enjoy buying local, organic, fair trade products when i can and love Ontario produce, particularly at the farmer’s markets.  we needed milk today, so we tried out the local independent grocery store, The 49th Parallel (our other option in town is Safeway, which I was nostalgic for at first, since we shopped there when we were in Calgary).  It’s a little slice of local, organic, fair trade shopping nirvana.  Not tons and tons, but way more than I am accustomed to in a grocery store, and awesome that it brings BC goodness practically to my doorstep!  There are markets nearby and we will get to those this summer too, I am sure, but in the meantime, the 49th is super in my books.  Looky what I got:


the cucumber is from Mill Bay, not far from here at all.  BC cherries {YUM} and green beans I assume are local-ish, since they come in an unmarked clear plastic bag all twisty at the sides.

IMG_2666those Island Hothouse peppers are grown right here in Ladysmith, and I again assume the unmarked raspberries are local-ish, especially since they were fresh as the dickens, complete with little buggies travelling along.

IMG_2667oh boy oh boy oh boy!  i even had to stand in the coffee asile and DELIBERATE which LOCAL (roasted), ORGANIC cofffee to choose.  an embarrassment of riches, there.  i am accustomed to virtually NO CHOICE in the coffee aisle (I mean, is Nabob vs. Folgers any kind of real choice anyway?).  I chose Salt Spring Coffee – Salt Spring Island is right next door, one short, can-see-the-other-dock sort of ferry ride away, it’s organic, fair trade and claims to be Canada’s first carbon neutral coffee.  This is delightful!  The blurbs on the bag are hilarious, and you can read the same stuff here. And, it’s DELICIOUS AWESOMENESS!  Tucked behind there is the mega jug of Island Farms milk, from here on the Island (obviously).  They seem to have farms all over.  Turkey is over excited while milk shopping and chooses for me based on the lid colour she likes best.  Today it’s Island Farms Purple, which translates to 2%.

IMG_2670Rogers Flour from Armstrong BC (on the mainland), organic free range eggs are from Westholme BC which I admit to having to google and it turns out it’s practically a stone’s throw from here, between Ladysmith and Duncan. Duh.  The bread is from Cobble Hill, again just down the road, near the cucumbers.  This is too much fun!

IMG_2671and some mainland organic tomatos. i think if my produce has to travel by boat to get to me, zipping from the farm across the strait of georgia is a pretty okay trip.  waaaaayyyy better than in a container from china.  no thanks.

delicious awesomness!  now, if only my kids would EAT ANY OF THIS!! uh, not the coffee tho.

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  1. Maranda permalink
    Tue July 21 2009 5:45 am

    i may have to come for a visit just to try the coffee, sounds wonderful!

  2. Maranda permalink
    Tue July 21 2009 5:46 am

    i may have to come for a visit just to try the coffee… sounds wonderful!

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