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cosmic weirdness = love

Mon July 20 2009

there is a very great cosmic weirdness in the world that i love.  my earlier post about extremes with the title from a billy joel song was originally, when it was still rolling around in my head, going to begin a little something like this

– i guess what we did this weekend was tourist stuff.  but if this is the stuff that tourists do, then i think i might be okay always being a tourist here, since taking my kids to the rocky, low tide beach, throwing rocks, looking for creepy crabs and being amazed by mountains and waves are the exact things i want to continue doing, even if i ever get to bear the label ‘local’.  {and then blah, blah, blah}

but you’ll notice that i did not write that after all.  i got all soap boxy and contemplative about extremes and local hazards and the power of mother earth and whatever it was.

then i went to the grocery store and survived an embarrassing shop with my kids {that did indeed involve lying in our flouncy pink, white and silver spangled skirt on the black mat by the meat section and pretending to sleep while the guy tries to wheel his bread trays by, and ripping the sale tags off the shelves with the cart we won’t ride in anymore as we insist on pushing it ‘myself’}, and came home delirious with joy at my discovery of organic, fair trade, carbon neutral, local and delicious coffee, and sat down with a fresh cup of it to check out my google reader.  even more delirious – one of my favoruite bloggets has a new post!  i heart, with all my heart, the music of jason mraz and discovered HE BLOGS!  and his blog only makes him better.  check out the cosmic weirdness and delirious goodness of what he blogged today {he answered twitter questions from fans, this is one}

halleyrad wonders: Do you ever drive down a street in your home town and try to view if like a tourist might? What would they be thinking?

I’ve only been living in San Diego for 10 years now, and the last few years especially have been spent on the road. So every time I pull into my little beach community I find myself wide-eyed, wowing at the palm trees lining Pacific Coast Highway, in awe of the ocean seen between the salty houses. Having grown up in flat, central Virginia, I’m not used to seeing green rolling hills and snowcapped mountains on the short drive inland from the beach. Being a tourist is quite possibly the best outlook you can have not matter where you are – no matter where you live. When I sign autographs, I often write – Stay Fresh. This is a reminder to not grow numb to the beauty in your own community.

I do my best to admire everything around me. I marvel at what men and women have designed and created. I aim to see everything in my sights as love. People do what they do, build what they build, and paint what they paint because they love it. Out of love they have developed a talent for what it is they do. From the guy who builds pyramids of apples in the produce section, to the guy who runs wires behind walls supplying you with electricity and Internet. Even the graceful gate of the mailman happens because he loves his family and cares to provide for them. He also knows the livelihood of many other families depends on his delivery of important checks, packages, and letters.

In every town around the world, Love happens simultaneously. You don’t have to be on holiday to send someone a postcard. Where you are is a wonderful tourist destination.

and then, just ’cause it’s also awesome, here’s another Q & A :

Cybercutie can’t hold it any longer: What does your “Beginner” tattoo mean?

When I started surfing, I had to let go of the fact that I wasn’t going to look as cool as everyone else – that I wasn’t going to catch every wave, and if I did, it wasn’t going to be graceful. I found myself paddling-out next to pros wishing I were wearing a sign that said “beginner” just so they would know that I was cool being at this level. I began to notice that beginners had more fun anyway. They don’t get uptight when someone else scores the wave, nor do they know the conditions well enough to say it’s a good or bad day for waves; therefore, Beginners love regardless of condition, or shall I say, Beginners Love UNCONDITIONALLY. In Zen it is said, The Beginner’s mind a great place to come from. Getting the tattoo was my way of seriously adopting this motto for the rest of my life to be applied to all subjects. It also gave me the label I love to wear when paddling-out next to the pros. In time I’ll find my grace and serious face in the water, but until then, I’ll be the humble beginner just happy to be wet.

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  1. Ken permalink
    Tue July 21 2009 12:35 am

    I always look at North Bay as tourist might, and that’s what I try to convey in my photos. I also enjoy taking staycations here.

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