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new horizons

Fri July 17 2009

after all the day’s frustrations yesterday, we jumped in the car and went for a drive.  this is typical for us, one of our top forms of entertainment.  what i felt was lacking in Ontario was a real destination, something to see when we got wherever we were going (which we usually figure out when we get there, kwim?).  Alberta was full of destinations, destination-able places, whether or not we planned the destination.  Apparently Vancouver Island is also full these too.  And poor Big Daddy hasn’t driven his car in three and a half months, so it was time for a little toodle.  Destination: North-wards

Nanaimo has it’s own airport:


We drove around Nanaimo (as in, not through)  and into Parksville.  By this time, both girls has fallen asleep but had been asking to go “down there” to the water, so Big Daddy found us a beach and we gently woke those little souls up, and they were delighted with the destination:







more to come – restless in the coop

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