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hanging out in Cowichan Bay

Mon July 13 2009

Sunday July 5, 2009, Cowichan Bay, BC

I am making a new kind of to-do list.  So far:

*learn something about tides {as I said to Big Daddy yesterday upon seeing the tides IN after seeing them OUT earlier, “That’s so bizarre!” and I get that it isn’t, it’s just so far out of my daily experience.  I mean, c’mon- the water was there, then it’s GONE, and now it’s BACK AGAIN, and I’m not supposed to think that’s craziness??  It’s a lot of water too.}

*learn up on local hazards {The Bug came crying in that she had a thorn in her hand from playing outside… I don’t recall ‘thorns from the ground’ being a common thing in Ontario, but then again, I’m not the most outdoorsy girl… lots to learn.  What is the “Duncan Node” anyway?!}

*learn local place names and proper pronunciation {Chemainus — /ch/?  /sh/?  am told it is /sh/ – shemainus.  Koksilah — makes sense once you hear it, but difficult to remember beforehand}

Other than that, am blissfully enjoying a few quiet minutes with ipod, pen and paper {and a pacing poodle who refuses to PEE, thank you very much} while The Turkey naps and The Bug plays with the B&B’s neighbour kids. Am hankering for another delicious latte like the one enjoyed at the rainbow painted picnic table this morning, and am devouring – alternating between – the densest, most wholesome organic chocolate chip cookie there ever was, and the chewiest, multigraniest goodness of a slice of freshly baked bread ever.

If it weren’t for the hills, the heat, the lack of transport and groceries, and too many cranky-out-of-sorts-kids, I might really get to like Cowichan Bay.  It’s yummy.

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