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Cow Bay, Pt II

Mon July 13 2009

Cowichan Bay, Monday July 6, 2009

After our morning walk, I am guessing that the “Reduce Your Personal Stress Levels” manual {that I did not get a copy of, btw} does not advise single-handedly juggling a leash-pully-out-of-excitement Standard Poodle, a stubborn-minded toddler, a 7 year old bent on shows of independence, a smelly bag of soft poop, and a large vanilla latte, along narrow, hilly seaside roads.  I think I uttered the following brillant sentence and authoritative reasoning, in response to a small person’s request, “Unfortunately, Mommy’s not an octopus.” I don’t have enough hands to

a) help you balance your 2 year old self on the rocks at the side of the road, hold the leash, and carry my coffee at the same time

b) carry your 45 lb self, hold the leash and my latte while walking up this steep hillside

c) similar

Yet, we made it there and back,  I did enjoy my latte, nobody cried, the dog barked only once {at a schnauzer}, we balanced on parking lot cement things, jumped from rock to rock, saw bald eagles, herons, eelgrass meadows, seagulls, boats, kayaks, and local colour. A success?  Thank heavens for coffee.

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